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In My Hanson Shirt

Are You Listening? [part of the no future generation]

when the signs all point the wrong way
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I Am.

Music makes me smile on the rainiest days.
Books should be read three at a time.
Escapism and TV go hand in hand.
Most likely to be found purchasing a Zefron doll.
Friends are everything right in the world.
Lost but trying to find a way out.
Unapologetic fangirl.
Yes and then no.

Hanson. 2gether. Idol. HSM. Jonas. Harry Potter. As The World Turns. Supernatural.
And a great deal of other things that make me smile and would take too long to list.


You can't help you're so insecure
You're hurt right down to the core
You're only stuck in your pain today
Welcome to Breaktown.

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The Ted and Barney to my Marshall.
The Seth to my Captain Oats.

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